The Munch Travelogue by Shenise Foster reviews Lost History Hike of Harpers Ferry & Frederick Douglass; excerpt

November 2021 Z-TV calendar
Shenise Foster of The Munch Travelogue

Lost History’s Hike of Harper’s Ferry & Frederick Douglass Tour 

As a subscriber to John Muller’s events, I was notified of this tour and immediately bought my ticket.  I was immediately enthralled by all the Black History that was prevalent in West Virginia.  During the tour we visited the historic Hill Top Hotel that was owned by the hotelier family, the Lovetts’.  The Lovett’s were a prominent African American family that operated a catering and hospitality enterprise in the area.  The Hill Top Hotel hosted everyone from Storer College (Historic Black College/University) campus visitors to the U.S. Presidents like Bill Clinton.  Currently, you can only view the outside of the hotel due to it being renovated to look like it did back in its heyday.   The two hour tour took us deeper into Harpers Ferry where we visited Storer College which is famously known for Frederick Douglass being on the board of trustees.  One of the most significant historical accomplishments that occurred on the campus grounds was the Niagara Movement of 1906.  During this meeting W.E.B Dubois and a group of scholarly African American men came together to discuss the progression of the civil rights movement.  This meeting spearheaded the creation of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  Overall, there were so many historical gems on this tour that I might have to take the tour again to soak in all the knowledge that was uncovered.  The price of  this tour is only $20 which I found to be very reasonable.  We ended up going over the allotted two hours, which is a testament to the quality of John Muller’s tours.

For the full review of West Virginia by The Munch Travelogue by Shenise Foster visit *HERE*


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