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Q: Where was FD’s French edition of Life and Times printed? A: 8, rue Garancière, where the Paris Review was started.

FD in Paris _ p. 7 - where it was sold (1883 translation)There is a history to 8, rue Garancière.

Not only is this where Douglass’ French-language edition of Life and Times was published but it is the same address where George Plimpton (aka the voice of George Templeton Strong) edited and published the Paris Review in the early years.

According to Guy Talese:

In 1952 the Paris Review’s headquarters was a one-room office at 8 Rue Garancière. It was furnished with a desk, four chairs, a bottle of brandy, and several lively, long-legged Smith and Radcliffe girls who were anxious to get onto the masthead so that they might convince their parents back home of their innocence abroad.



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