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Legacy of “Fake Fred” still active by used car salesman Lou Fields; Banneker-Douglass Museum forsakes sacred history of Dr. Frederick Augustus Washington (Bailey) Douglass, Point Boy, Eastern Shoreman, fugitive slave-scholar, Lion of Anacostia, America’s Pharaoh

Lou Fields - Fake Fred _ 1

Lou Fields: used car salesman masquerading as a Douglass historian. Fields can’t get you any scholarship but he can get you Bitcoins.

For generations the family of Frederick Douglass and the significant Bailey tribe of Maryland’s Eastern Shore have maintained an honorable forward-facing dignity in the face of sustained public affronts by outsiders seeking to profiteer and exploit their family.

In the Bicentennial year the vapors of “Fake Fred” remain more than a decade after the Washington Post published an article responding to years of protest and concern from the blood Douglass family that Frederick I. Douglas, masquerading for more than a decade as Frederick Douglass IV, was defaming their family name’s history and heritage.

In the 1990s when “Fake Fred” was walking Fells Point he hipped Lou Fields how to use the techniques of a used car salesman to exploit the history of Frederick Douglass.

“Fake Fred” still exists out there somewhere, drifting, exposed after decades as a complete and utter fraud. Blessedly, “Fake Fred” is no longer defrauding individuals, institutions and receiving thousands of dollars to spread lies at some of this country’s most elite universities.

In the 2007 Washington Post article Lou Fields was non-committal on his running mate, his fellow thief in the night who taught him the con game.

Louis Fields, with whom Douglas worked on a Frederick Douglass tourism project, says he never asked for documentation from Douglas.

“Everybody has their version of the truth,” says Fields, founder of Baltimore Black Heritage Tours, “and right now, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I don’t have proof that says he is who he says he is or that he isn’t.”

“Fake Fred” was introduced by President Bush on two occasions as a Douglass descendant, lauded by Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley and paid big coin to speak at universities across the country, including Yale University’s Gilder Lehrman Institute, directed by dishonorable and speculative racist David Blight.

Lou Fields was taught the exploitation hustle scheme by “Fake Fred.” I hear Fields was loyal to “Fake Fred” until the bitter end.

Whereas “Fake Fred” was banished Lou Fields is still being sanctioned by the Banneker-Douglass Museum, the official museum of African American heritage for the state of Maryland.

Chanel Compton, Director of the Banneker-Douglass Museum, and Programs Director Sabriyah Hassan should issue an immediate forthcoming apology to everyone who attended “Generation Douglass” expecting to get an insightful conversation and discussion and instead had to sit through an evening dominated by the garbage history of Lou Fields. (BDM has emails of registrants to issue apology.)

Why does the history of Frederick Douglass continue to be forsaken by the likes of phonies like Umar Johnson, Yale’s David Blight, “Fake Fred,” and Lou Fields?

Because institutions like the Banneker-Douglass Museum do not have the self-respect and professionalism to respond to emails and/or phone calls from published and verified Douglass scholars. That is why.

The militant Douglass scholarship will continue. Just getting started.


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Frederick Douglass: “Of my father I know nothing.” The “Miseduction” & dumbing down of Douglass continues by Baltimore’s Lou Fields who claims to know identity of Douglass’ father.

Lou Fields lies

The Douglass-Banneker Museum and St. John’s College in Annapolis hosted an event with presentations by Morgan State University professor Dale Green, retired Salisbury State history professor Clara Small, Baltimore City high school student Jada Jackson and the improvisational tour promoter Lou Fields.

When Fields, an elder who has been advocating and spreading half-right, half-wrong information about Douglass in Fells Point for two decades, shared two slides declaring Thomas Auld was Douglass’ father I spoke up from the audience to protest his opinion.

Throughout the rest of the evening, following a thoroughly detailed genealogical presentation by Professor Green, Mr. Fields offered a defense of his “miseduction” by citing and reading from a transcript of a speech Douglass delivered in 1847.

Lou Fields lies - 1

Many in the audience knew nothing of Douglass; therefore the dumbing down is what they will retain, not the nuanced and full truth.

According to Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (1892), written by Frederick Douglass:

Of my father I know nothing.

Slavery had no recognition of fathers, as none of families. That the mother was a slave was enough for its deadly purpose. By its law the child followed the condition of its mother. The father might be a freeman and the child a slave. The father might be a white man, glorying in the purity of his Anglo-Saxon blood, and the child ranked with the blackest slaves. Father he might be, and not be husband, and could sell his own child without incurring reproach, if in its veins coursed one drop of African blood.

Throughout his life Douglass privately and publicly questioned who his father was.

As Prof. Leigh Fought, author of the award-winning Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, wrote a number of years ago:

That also shifts our perspective on the life of his mother, whoever the father might have been. He could have been another slave belonging to another master. He could have been a free black man. He could have been a white man other than her master; or, he could have been Aaron Anthony. Whoever he was, by either consent or force, he had access to her body from 1812 until she died in 1825 or 1826. That rules out Perry Ward Steward, the overseer on one of the farms where she worked; James Nabb and John Malony, to whom she was hired out during her teens; and Thomas Auld (a theory of William McFeely, which holds no water for logistical reasons, too), Douglass’s second master. Because of age or death, none of these men had access to her for the entire period of her childbearing years.

For a while, I was suspicious of claiming Anthony as Douglass’s father. So many have, but without any thought beyond Douglass’s word in the Narrative alone. Then, he said that it was mere rumor. In the second autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom, he said that he had reason to believe that his master was not his father. He completely dismissed the matter in all versions of his final autobiography, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass. The whole discussion of his parentage, too, is shaded by the propagandist purpose of each version of his life. Much of what he says is true, but spun for a variety of reasons at a particular point in time, and maybe not true in quite the way that he thinks it is.

Mr. Fields is an elder. I understand he has been active in the state of Maryland on the political level and was helpful in the creation of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Park. Good work.

To minister the good news, to spread the gospel of Douglass, it is problematic to assert and present selective speculations as facts. As Mr. Fields demonstrates the peddlers of Douglass speculation are everywhere from Yale to Harvard to Thames Street.

As the late senator Daniel P. Moynihan said:

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not to his own facts.”

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Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Exhibit opens at Baltimore City Hall, Feb. 1, 2018

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

West North Avenue, Baltimore. Photo: John Muller & William Alston-El

The Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Exhibit will be on display at Baltimore City Hall in the north gallery. The exhibit will chronicle Douglass life with special emphasis on his time in Baltimore, involvement the Underground Railroad, Civil War and post 1865. The exhibit will include pictures, maps, quilts, dvds and other state of the art exhibit items honoring one of America’s great iconic figures of the 19th century. One of the primary goals of the project to invite Maryland public, private and charter school students to Baltimore City Hall to tour the exhibit and learn more about Frederick Douglass and his lifelong efforts as an advocate for freedom, justice and equality.

Editor’s Note:

This is the best information we got. Looks like FD’s image is on the cover of the monthly Baltimore magazine give-away distributed at museums and tourist locations. I’ll try to get up there before Feb. 1 and/or gather harder intelligence before this exhibit opens.

Information out of Baltimore is rather unclear in terms of what is being done and who is doing it? The Mayor’s Office? Enoch Pratt? The Maryland Historical Society, located in Baltimore? Morgan State? Johns Hopkins? The city historical society and city college / university? The Fells Point Preservation Society?

We got nothing through the website for Baltimore City government. Not even an event listing. Nothing on the website for the City Council.

Not sure Washington City is any better …

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Baltimore: A Day with Frederick Douglass and Lou Fields (November 18, 2017)


Photo by John Muller. All rights reserved and enforced.

To kick off the Baltimore 2018 Year of Douglass, his bicentennial birthday celebration and the 180th anniversary of his escape, the African American Tourism Council is seeking your support and participation in “A Day with Frederick Douglass” at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum & Park. 

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh has confirmed her attendance. The program will start at 10:00am and conclude at 2:00pm.

A Day with Frederick Douglass” begins with the Frederick Douglass Path to Freedom Walking Tour in historic Fell’s Point. The walking tour will begin at 10:00AM at Broadway & Thames near the water taxi.

At the conclusion of the walking tour participants and the general public are invited to a Discussion with Frederick Douglass at the Douglass Myers Museum at 1417 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD.

The walking tour fee is reduced to $10.00 per person for all attendees, includes admission to the Douglass discussion, admission to the museum without the walking tour is $5 adults, $4 seniors, $2 children (6-17), children under 6 are free.

Frederick Douglass books will be on sale.

During the discussion Frederick Douglass will be portrayed by Mr. Nathan Richardson, artist, poet, historian and interpreter.

Sponsors and supporters include Visit Baltimore, Maryland Commission of Civil Rights, Baltimore Heritage, AFSCME Council 67 and the Maryland Office of Tourism Department.

UPDATE (April 28, 2018):

All that sounds good is not good upon a little investigation & research. Sanctioned by family that Lou Fields is done.

Legacy of “Fake Fred” still active by used car salesman Lou Fields; Banneker-Douglass Museum forsakes sacred history of Dr. Frederick Augustus Washington (Bailey) Douglass, Point Boy, Eastern Shoreman, fugitive slave-scholar, Lion of Anacostia, America’s Pharaoh –>

Frederick Douglass: “Of my father I know nothing.” The “Miseduction” & dumbing down of Douglass continues by Baltimore’s Lou Fields who claims to know identity of Douglass’ father. –>


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WATCH: Fells Point Walking Tour w/ Lou Fields

Fells Point Walking Tour Frederick Douglass lived as a slave from 1826 to 1838 in Fells Point. Mr. Fields talked about Mr. Douglass’ life at that time and the related sites.

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