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Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs, contributor to New National Era

Jonathan C. Gibbs - rc00407.jpgFor nearly the past decade I have written for and contributed to several Washington area print and online publications including but not limited to The Washington Times, Washington City Paper, Washington InformerEast of the RiverGreater Greater Washington, DCist, Huffington Post and The Washington Post.

In this time I’ve come to know many local journalists and local editors.

Dr. Frederick Douglass was a journalist and editor emeritus for a half-century. Before launching the North Star in December of 1847 Douglass contributed reportage and commentary to several newspapers.

Dr. Douglass ran with them all. In the pages of Dr. Douglass’ various papers are the bylines of legions of journalists, historians, activists and radicals that have been forgotten in the pages of history due the incessant genuflecting and mythologizing.

To understand and body forth the scholarship that is needed to truly uplift the history of Dr. Douglass and all those he ran with will take generations.

The work must be done. Dr. Douglass did the work and all those he worked with did the work.



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