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Harvard graduate William Abjah White ran with Frederick Douglass on antislavery circuit; attacked by mob violence

Portrait of William Abijah White, 1818 - 1856.

Harvard graduate William Abjah White ran with Dr. Douglass on the lecture circuit.

William Abjah White died in Milwaukie [sic], Wis., 10 October, 1856, aged 38. He was son of Abijah and Anne Maria (Howard) White, and was born in Watertown, Mass., 2 September, 1818. He was fitted for college at the school of Rev. Samuel Ripley (H.C. 1804), of Waltham, Mass.

Having chosen the profession of law, he, immediately after graduating, entered the Law School in Cambridge, where he pursued his professional; but becoming very much interested in the antislavery and temperance movements, he devoted much of his time to lecturing on these subjects, and, in 1843, spent several months in travelling through Ohio and Indiana, holding antislavery meetings in company with Frederick Douglass and George Badburn.

In the course of this tour, their meetings were frequently broken up by mobs; and both White and Douglass were, on one occasion, severely wounded by stones.


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