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Eric Zhang: The Unofficial-Official Douglass Bicentennial Photographer

Eric Z Hang at Highland Beach

Eric Zhang has taken thousands of photos of the Douglass Bicentennial. We thank him.

Over the past year or more there has been a ubiquitous and steadfast presence at nearly every Douglass-related and Civil War-related event I’ve attended. You have probably seen him and noticed him snapping away hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs.

Who is he?

Eric Zhang is local history enthusiast and the Unofficial-Official Photographer of all Douglass Bicentennial-related events in and around the Washington metropolitan area.

This weekend there was a small event at the Highland Beach community on the Chesapeake Bay and you know who was there taking photographs; none other than Eric.

We wanted to thank Eric for his continued commitment, interest and documentation of the Douglass Bicentennial.


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Pictures from Anacostia Walking Tour during Douglass Bicentennial Birthday (Sun., February 18, 2018)

Eric Zhang _ 2.18.2018 __ walk through Old Ana (1)

All images courtesy of Eric Zhang.

If you’ve attended a Douglass-related or Civil War-themed event in the DC area over the past year or so you’ve probably been photographed by the enigmatic Eric Zhang.

Eric is an honorary W Street Douglassonian. He comes through.

Thank you to our friend Eric for the photos and to Anacostian Dewey Sampson for taking a moment to talk with Sunday’s walking tour group coordinated as part of the Frederick Douglass National Historic Sites’s Douglass Bicentennial Birthday.

Eric Zhang _ 2.18.2018 __ walk through Old Ana (2)Eric Zhang _ 2.18.2018 __ walk through Old Ana (4)Eric Zhang _ 2.18.2018 __ walk through Old Ana (5)Eric Zhang _ 2.18.2018 __ walk through Old Ana (6)

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