Utter ignorance of Sandi L. Williams of the Sandy Spring Slave Museum presents crisis within local country roads history community

Honorable Coach Crutchfield, my 9th grade gym teacher at Sherwood, with glasses. The disgraceful and dishonorable Sandi Williams talking to the girls basketball team at Sherwood.

Coming up around the country road junction of Sunshine Burger at Georgia Avenue & New Hampshire Avenue I caught chatter at a young age and while a student at Sherwood High School that Frederick Douglass was intimately affiliated with the community and several families. 

As an adult, after traveling the corners of the world to speak at the most prestigious libraries and institutions of higher learning, I learned what the real history is and was.

The oral history I heard as a teen going 105 miles an hour in Thomas’ Intrepid on Brooke Road is true. What Sandy Spring says about the connection of Frederick Douglass to the community and families is true; make-believe chair or not.

In December of 2018 I spoke at the Sandy Spring Museum. In April 2019 I spoke at Woodlawn Manor, attended by Dr. Anderson, founder of the Sandy Spring Slave Museum.

In October 2019 I attended an information session held by the Sandy Spring Museum regarding a nearly $30,000 grant they received to document the “Historically Black Communities of Sandy Spring.” There has no been zero follow-up on the history from the Sandy Spring Museum and Allison Weiss.

To compound all this inaction, indifference and ignorance, we have Sandi L. Williams.

Sandi L. Williams, an administrator with Montgomery County Public Schools, is one of the main administrators of the Sandy Spring Slave Museum.

Below are text messages she sent immediately following a comment I made on the Sandy Spring Slave Museum’s Instagram account about their not knowing their own history.

For example, the history of Sandy Spring’s Black American community is largely the history of an independent and autonomous Free Black community so why it is called the “Sandy Spring Slave Museum,”?

I have always understood the name of the museum to be a misnomer.

Therefore henceforth whereas herein I hereby declare with the authority of being introduced to the Sandy Spring spring by Coach Crutch that I have an ancient and sacred obligation to not only call Sandi L. Williams out her name and my community, but additionally share, whereas I respected Ruby I have no respect for her daughter.

And I would tell Ruby this if I could. You can check the year book to confirm I will say whatever I want to anyone despite any idle threats.

Do you threaten your students at Wheaton High School & Montgomery County Public Schools, how you threaten me?

You should not be working in any capacity as an educator within the public schools and your leadership of the Sandy Spring Slave Museum is nothing less than dishonorable and disgraceful.


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