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Professor David Blight, Prof. Bernier, and Dr. Walter and Linda Evans invited to join “Walking Tour of Frederick Douglass’ Old Anacostia” on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 11:45 AM

John Muller _ walking tour (3)This weekend Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Blight, Dr. Celeste-Marie Bernier, co-author of If I Survive, and Dr. Walter O. Evans and his wife Linda Evans, collectors and owners of the Frederick Douglass family scrapbook collection that was the genesis of Blight and Bernier’s books, will be in Washington City.

Therefore, after concluding my third walking tour of Old Anacostia with the Smithsonian Associates on Sunday, April 29, 2019 in the morning I will be leading an independent walking tour of Old Anacostia starting at 11:45 AM in which these luminaries are cordially invited.

Professor Blight, in a series of talks across the county, has frequently mentioned that the last third of Douglass’ life has been overlooked. Although he cites Frederick Douglass in Washington, D.C: The Lion of Anacostia (The History Press, 2012) in his book 8 times he has yet to demonstrate any scholastic self-respect for the study of Dr. Douglass and mention my book.

I look forward to having these distinguished guests visit a scared community of Washington City that was integral to Frederick Douglass and his family for more than a quarter-century.

It is my understanding Prof. Bernier and the University of Edinburgh has been conducting walking tours of the Scottish city of Edinburgh so therefore it is more than appropriate and necessary that Old Anacostia is afforded the same scholastic respect and recognition as an indigenous and historic Douglassonian community.

We look forward to reporting back next week.

Editor’s Note:

Professor Leigh Fought completed the walking tour a couple years back whereas her husband Douglas Egerton turned back due to apparent uncomfort with the temperatures.

There is an open invitation to Eric and Harriet Lowery and the entire Frederick Douglass Honor Society of Easton, Maryland, Director Chanel Compton of the Banneker-Douglass Museum and many other individuals and institutions which are in the line of business of Frederick Douglass to visit the neighborhood of Old Anacostia and learn about the community in which Dr. Douglass was an active and engaged citizen.

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