David Blight: “We didn’t even get to talk about the older Douglass and all the rest of the women.” Washington College continues to disgrace intellectual and scholastic legacy of Dr. Douglass by dumbing down history, unable to uplift history of Douglass on the Eastern Shore without repeating Dickson Preston.

“Author to discuss Douglass trip to Denton” [Star Democrat, 6 Feb 2019] https://www.stardem.com/news/local_news/author-to-discuss-douglass-trip-to-denton/article_20f2fe9d-0f95-51b4-84cc-f8e7a5bc1ea0.html

“Douglass visited Cambridge, researchers say” [Star Democrat, 25 Sept 2018] https://www.stardem.com/news/local_news/douglass-visited-cambridge-researchers-say/article_f6edd41f-fe68-5089-bb06-9f4130b36e89.html

“Douglass’ college ties extended far and wide” [Star Democrat, 1 Feb 2018] https://www.stardem.com/print/lettereditor/douglass-college-ties-extended-far-and-wide/article_02dce99b-d3a0-5d67-a5bb-0ec20c678b0e.html

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