Photos from inaugural Frederick Douglass in Cambridge, Maryland Walking Tour [December 22, 2018]

FD in Cambridge _ walking tour -- by courthouse

FD in Cambridge _ walking tour -- Waugh Chapel community garden

FD in Cambridge _ walking tour -- Mr. Jarmon welcomes visitors

Many thanks to all attendees and participants including representatives and members from the Dorchester County Historical Society, St. Michaels Museum at Mary’s Square, Talbot County Free Library, Waugh Chapel United Methodist Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Harriet Tubman Museum and and Educational Center at 424 Race Street in downtown Cambridge, Maryland.

Thank you to the Dorchester Banner, Visit Dorchester, and the Harriet Tubman Byway for helping get the word out.

Special thanks to Eastern Shore historian and author Dr. Linda Duyer and Honorable William Jarmon of historic Pine Street for their kind support and technical assistance.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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