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Umar Johnson NOT descendant, blood relative or kin folk of Frederick Douglass and Bailey Tribe. Complete fraud. Lied to Roland Martin about being “kinsman.” #UmarLiar (Part 1)


While the family of Frederick Doulglass (Bailey) has spoken and made themselves abundantly clear Johnson is a “disgrace” and not a confirmed member of their Tribe, Douglass historians have remained on the sidelines. I was unaware of Johnson until the past year or so when I first caught some talk of his specious claims of being kin to Frederick Douglass.

Johnson’s claim he is in anyway a distant relation of the Bailey Tribe, the ancestral peoples whose name is of an African genesis not comparable to the Danish, English, Scottish and Swedish origin of Johnson, is an astonishing falsehood, mired in historic distortions and untruths.

Lies in Roland Martin Interview 

Last summer Johnson was interviewed on Roland Martin’s television and was asked about his connection to Douglass to which Johnson made the claim:

Show me where I ever said I was a descendant. I have only claimed one thing: kinsman.

How am I kinsman? If you ever read any of the autobiographies of Frederick Douglass he talks about growing up on Tuckahoe Creek with Cousin Stephen. Cousin Stephen is Stephen Bailey; Dr. Umar Johnson’s four times great-grandfather whose grave I just visited last week. I go every year. That’s my four-times great grandfather.

A close reading of more than 1,200 pages of autobiographical writing by Frederick Douglass reveals a solitary reference to a “Cousin Steve” in My Bondage and My Freedom.

A lone reference confirms not the lies Johnson has made. The entire premise of his claim is false. Johnson’s entire story is a fraud which I will detail in forthcoming posts.

In the 1845 Narrative there is no reference to any “Steve,” “Steven,” or “Stephen,” as in Stephen Henry Bailey.


In the 1881 version of Life and Times there are nine references to “Stephen” with two of these being concerned with radical abolitionist “Stephen S. Foster,” and four references to “Stephen A. Douglas,” an influential Illinois politician. The other three references are non-family references. There is no reference to Stephen Henry Bailey.


Pilfering Peasant of Pan-Africanism

It has recently been brought to my attention a deceitful and disgraceful excuse for a man has been profiteering and thieving with the self-assertion of a fictitious familial connection to Frederick Douglass and the proud yet private Bailey Tribe of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Umar Johnson is an elusive embezzler. It is my understanding he has elicited hundreds of thousands of dollars on an imaginary and undocumented promise of opening a school bearing the name of Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey.

Dr. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey Douglasss, a native son of Talbot County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the cobblestone streets and docks of Baltimore’s Fells Point, is one of the greatest Americans to ever live.

The Lion of Anacostia has had a palpable resonating spirit walking alongside the community which for more than a century after his departure from a world that knew his name from one end to the other has looked out for and kept alive the memory of their local friend.

Umar Johnson’s association with Dr. Douglass and Marcus Garvey has apparently assisted him in deceiving the weakest-minded brothers and sisters of our communities. The young know no better, however his adults followers are comforted by knowing there is someone who may be dumber and more duplicitous than them in this world.

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

William Alston-El of the mud of South Washington speaks with a reporter from WAMU on an early morning in Old Anacostia. Photo John Muller.

I came up in Old Anacostia with William Alston-El, a legend in three games. Running partner of Ralph Magruder, Dr. John Kinard and an entire lost generation of Washingtonians born in the segregated mud of South Washington, William is a proud Moorish American, the original disciples of Garveyism.

The work of uplifting fallen humanity and organically strengthening communities from within is not the mission of Umar Johnson. His jibber-jabber is simply about exploitation, deception and confrontation. He does not have his own manhood so he has tried to maintain a fictitious claim to another family that does not know nor want anythimg to do with him.

Umar Johnson is a disgrace to whomever his real family is.

Umar Johnson is lost. Those who follow him are double lost.

Umar Johnson is a disgrace to everything seen and unseen. All knowing know he is a complete liar. Anyone who continues to support him and listen to him is an equal disgrace to everything seen and unseen, heard and unheard, known and unknown.

Johnson has supported his libelous and slanderous remarks about members of the Douglass family and Bailey Tribe with dishonorable desecration of sacred landmarks.

Umar, the peasant of Pan Africanism, has secretly visited a number of sites related to Frederick Douglass over the last couple of years. In a recent canvass of the Eastern Shore it was communicated to me that if Johnson makes a live video from any site he does so at his own potential peril. Warnings to discontinue his treasonous usage of the family name have been advanced through formal and informal channels.

The lies and disrespect have persisted.

Umar Johnson has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from susceptible souls lost in the sauce of the cause of the half-witted, graceless and uncoordinated small-time peddlers of some pseudo-faux-Pan-Africanist movement.

Umar Johnson has it so twisted and tangled he thinks he can pour bottled water on the grave of Harriet Tubman and not have spirits of runaway slaves after him. Some may get by but they never get away.

Umar Johnson is the spirit of the slave that snitched on Frederick Bailey when he organized his first escape.

I am just getting started.

To be continued.

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Tarence Bailey, Sr. accepts proclamation from Saint Michaels, Maryland town commission to honor Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoorA founder in his childhood of Grahams Alley Douglassonians out of Easton, Maryland in Talbot County, Maryland, Tarence Bailey (US Army, Ret.) accepting a proclamation from the town commission of St. Michaels, Maryland.

Taking a brief travel through Old Easton I must share there’s a feeling in the air similar to Old Anacostia.

Hope we can bring closer connection between the two respective communities of indigenous Douglassonians in coming months and throughout 2018.

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