Speculative historian David Blight must immediately discontinue his dangerous disinformation and disrespect of Dr. Frederick Douglass. (Part 4)

IMG_5849Running the back creeks of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and drifting through indigenous communities across counties older than the formation of a country founded on the legal codification of African slaves as three-fifths of a human being, an apparition of a defiant enslaved abolitionist prince, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, and the benevolent and contemplative spirit of America’s Pharaoh returning to his birthplace touches historic churches, ancient family cemeteries with timeworn headstones, weathered docks, collapsed barns and cabins, cross-town highways and the current lives of record-breaking athletes pictured in the daily sports pages of the Star Democrat.

Memories of the benevolent visitant, the native son raised and muscled up on Eastern Shore pork, world traveler and confidant of Presidents, brother and cousin Freddy are hallowed and will be forever beyond reach of preachers and biographers.

At the conferment ceremonies of an honorary degree to Frederick Douglass this past weekend at Washington College speculative Yale historian David Blight crossed the boundary of fact and his own manipulative out-of-bounds White Man Lies.

Disgraceful speculation has no place in Douglassonian scholarship.

Prof. Blight’s irreversible disrespect of Douglass on his native soil, Maryland’s ancient Eastern Shore, haunted for centuries by spirits of runaway fugitive slaves, is reprehensible.

As a co-founder of the W Street Douglassonians I trumpet to all who can read and hear that Prof. Blight must immediately discontinue his dangerous disinformation and disrespect of Dr. Frederick Douglass.


No evidence for disrespectful and dangerous speculations 

At a service to reconcile the irreconcilable truth founders of Washington College were members of the Lloyd family, architects of a plantation society that birthed an enslaved Douglass, Prof. Blight offered half-truths and dangerous speculations.

Before dignified members of the Douglass and Bailey families, without providing a molecule of supporting fact, Prof. Blight felt compelled to insinuate and/or allege:


Recognize the tragedies and survival strength of the Frederick Douglass / Bailey Tribe

Death knocked many a time on the door of Dr. Douglass who outlived his pre-teen daughter, first wife of 44 years, namesake, and many grandchildren.

In one week Grandpa Douglass lost grandchildren on successive nights.

I speak for W Street Douglassonians and formative friendships I’ve had with grandchildren of runaway fugitive slave-scholars since my prepubescent years in declaring nothing less than an immediate discontinuation of Prof. Blight’s public and private statements suggesting Douglass and hundreds of Douglass / Bailey tribe members are anything less than descendants of a warrior tribe which produced America’s Pharaoh will suffice.

The falsehoods and slanders of Prof. David Blight has moved beyond the pale of what can be accepted. The continued suggestion of these unfounded accusations should be immediately addressed by the small community of existing Douglassonian Scholars.


Lies supported by philanthropic, academic, government and public history associations and institutions.

Lies should have never been allowed to be uttered in the first place. I previously forewarned Prof. Adam Goodheart, President Kurt M. Landgraf and others at Washington College about the consequence of depending on the unreliable speculations and nonexistent scholarship of Prof. Blight.

I politely addressed the lies of Washington College and Blight a couple weeks past in the pages of the Star Democrat.

I may now be impolite.

Everyone responsible for Prof. Blight’s backwards and irresponsible remarks at Washington College should be ashamed and humiliated.

By awarding an honorary degree to Frederick Douglass the tenth oldest college in this country, named for our first president, has taken an important step to properly recognize Douglass on the Eastern Shore. However, there is much work to begin, build, preserve and maintain a newfound dignity for the tradition of Douglassonian Studies.

There must be a restorative liberation movement of local and worldwide Douglassonians.

Prof. Blight has enjoyed a life of ease aided by the misbegotten label “Douglass expert” carrying him across the world and country without a work product in nearly thirty years to support this fictitious credential maintained by hundreds of philanthropic, academic, government and public history associations and institutions.

It is time for the lies to stop. Been time.





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  1. #1 by Violetta on February 27, 2018 - 5:32 am

    You don’t know what you are talking about. There does not live an Historian who works, researches, thinks about issues/history harder than Professor Blight! He has inspired more students than you can imagine. Life of ease? Again, you really don’t know what you are talking about. This man doesn’t allow himself vacations. Your writing makes one wonder about your disappointments in life. To attack someone else because of their successes and talent does not reflect well on you. I advise you to focus on yourself and perhaps learn how to acknowledge and appreciate others. Sounds like you know a lot. Put it to good use rather than making it your career to attack a good man who never did anything to you, I surmise.

    • #2 by jmullerwashingtonsyndicate on February 27, 2018 - 7:38 am


      Thanks for your note. Prof. David Blight is an intellectual disgrace to Frederick Douglass. I know full well what I speak on.

      What talent doe he have? What scholarship on Douglass has he advanced in the last thirty years? Do tell.

      You provide no counter-evidence to the fact that for nearly thirty years Blight has done near nothing to advance Douglass Studies.

      He is a speculative historian with no shame and no facts.

      His remarks at Washington College were beyond disgraceful and blasphemous.

      Provide facts and evidence. Just like Prof. Blight, you have none.

      John Muller

      Author of Frederick Douglass in Washington, D.C.: The Lion of Anacostia

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