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Small biographical entry on Douglass biographer; Frederick May Holland

FD In DCPL library catalog _ Frederic May HollandMany folks claim to be Frederick Douglass scholars but fewer have ever published a single sentence about his life and times in so much as a local newspaper and lesser have ever published a book or monograph of original research.

We all know FD wrote his own autobiography about 3.5 times. In modern times Robert S. Levine at University of Maryland and a couple others have written about FD’s writing of himself. That is not the scholarship I particularly care for. May it be under the genre of literary criticism, but I prefer literary history because FD ran with many writers, journalists, poets and authors.

During his own lifetime FD had two biographers, James Monroe Gregory, a professor at Howard University FD knew well, and the seemingly “elusive” Frederick May Holland.

Recently came across this small entry for Holland in Charles Dudley Warner’s (a neighbor of Mark Twain in Hartford, Conn.) Library of the World’s Best Literature: Biographical Dictionary

Holland, Frederick May. An American Unitarian divine and miscellaneous writer; born at Boston, 1836. He has written: “The Reign of the Stoics” (1879), giving their history, religion, maxims, etc. ‘Stories from Browning” (1882); “Life of Frederick Douglass” ; “Rise of Intellectual Liberty from Thales to Copernicus,” ; etc.


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