Douglass talks banking w/ Congressmen in “astonishing ability and apparent familiarity with the subject”

Clarke_freemanFreeman Clarke is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery and appears to have been in active conversation with Frederick Douglass before, during or after his term as president of the Freedman’s Savings Bank.

“I saw Frederick Douglass several times in Washington, and he impressed me, as he did every one else, by his remarkable intelligence. I once heard him, born a slave, get decidedly the better of President Johnson in a political discussion; and I was present upon another occasion when he talked about banking to Mr. Freeman Clarke, of the Committee of Ways and Means, with an astonishing ability and apparent familiarity with the subject.”


Field, Maunsell Bradhurst. Memories of Many Men and of Some Women: Being Personal Recollections of Emperors, Kings, Queens, Princes, Presidents, Statesmen, Authors, and Artists, at Home and Abroad, During the Last Thirty Years. 1874

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