Book Talk w/ Prof. Nicholas Buccola, “The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass: In Pursuit of True American Liberty” [Thurs., 9.27.2012, at FDNHS]

Date: 09/27/2012

Location: Frederick Douglass NHS, 1411 W Street SE

Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Step into the mind of Frederick Douglass with Professor Nicholas Buccola [The Political Though of Frederick Douglass: In Pursuit of American Liberty] and go on a search for American Liberty.  To achieve liberty how do we balance the need for individual freedom with civic responsibility? In this conversation Buccola will talk about how escaped slave Frederick Douglass, who helped build the first American Civil Rights Movement, had a special view on both personal liberty and the role of society.  He argues that Douglass’s view can help us better understand our own liberty today. Free, no tickets required.

Contact Name: Braden Paynter
Contact Phone Number: 202-426-5961


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