I can accept it: Frederick Douglass most photographed American of the 19th century

Photo by John Muller & William Alston-El. Copyright strictly enforced online and offline.

Check out the story here from the New Haven Register that features the important research of Zoe Trodd and Celeste-Marie Bernier.

“The existing photographic record of Douglass begins with an 1841 daguerreotype image, taken just a few years after Douglass escaped to freedom from slavery. He was 23. The final photo of Douglass came on his deathbed, in 1895.

In between were images — many of them iconic — that presented an aura of dignity, determination and gravitas.”

In other Douglass items one story says the Frederick Douglass statue at One Judiciary Square (441 4th St. NW) will not be moving to Statuary Hall while another story says it could happen.

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