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Frank J. Webb, one of the first African-American novelists, in the first edition of “The New Era”

When The New Era re-debuted in Washington, DC in January of 1870 it provided a platform that was largely unavailable in the white press for black journalists and intellectuals throughout the country to unabashedly express themselves with the written word.

In its very first edition, the paper carried the first part of a short story, “Two Wolves and a Lamb” by one of the country’s first African-American novelists, Frank J. Webb.

According to Texas State Historical Association, Webb, originally from Philadelphia, would leave his position in DC with the Federal government, moving to Texas where he, “edited the Galveston Republican, a weekly publication that supported Radical Republican policies during the early 1870s.”

Webb’s 1857 novel, The Garies and Their Friends is available for free HERE.

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