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1880 Census _ “Douglass, F.W. – U.S. Marshal”

1880 US Census

In the 1880 Census we find Frederick Douglass enumerated as “Douglass, F.W.” with his occupation listed as “U.S. Marshal.” Interestingly, he is listed as being 60 years old. He was a couple years older at the time.

Also, we see Anna Murray Douglass enumerated. She is listed as being 55 years old, although she was, in fact, older than her husband by a couple years. Her occupation is listed as “keeping house.” In my thorough review of Boyd’s City Directories we never see mention of Anna. As Mark Greek of the DC Public Library’s Washingtoniana Division said, the City Directories (during Douglass’ Washington years) almost exclusively list men as listings were for property owners.

1880 US Census



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