The Brooklyn Daily Eagle eulogizes Frederick Douglass, Feb. 21, 1895

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle took a hard-line on Douglass while he was alive. In death the paper was rather gracious and praiseworthy, with a Brooklyn edginess.

“Frederick Douglass was thrice an American. In his veins ran the blood of three races – the races that owned the land, that found the land, and that developed the land at the bidding of its discoverers: the Indian, the white man and the negro.

The lesson of Douglass’ life is that of self-trust and energetic action. He was a good illustration of what a man may do for himself, his people and his country. With everything [italicized] against him he conquered a place for himself where he was looked up to even by his former enemies. He was not a weak pleader or petitioner, but a man of initiative. It was not because he advanced the interests of the negro that men will honor his memory to-day, but because, by advancing the interests of the negro the level of all manhood, and made the whole world better by living in it.”

Feb. 21, 1895


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