“The Evening Star,” March 17, 1877, The Nomination of Mr. Fred. Douglass; THE NOMINATION CONFIRMED

The Evening Star, March 17, 1877

“The Evening Star,” March 17, 1877

The Nomination of Mr. Fred. Douglass
After the Senate went into executive session this afternoon several unimportant nominations were confirmed, and the case of Frederick Douglass, nominated to be U.S. marshal for the District of Columbia, was taken up. While his confirmation was regarded as doubtful by some, many expressed the opinion that he would get through, it being understood that several southern democratic Senators would vote to confirm him. Among those who spoke in favor of his confirmation was Senator Conkling. He was followed by Senator Whyte, of Md., who gave at length the reasons why he believed Mr. Douglass should not be confirmed. At a quarter past 2 o’clock the Senate was still in executive session on the case of Mr. Douglass.

After a discussion lasting until half past 2 o’clock, the nomination of Mr. Douglass was confirmed by four of five majority. No republican Senator voted against him, and several southern Senators recorded their votes for him.


Courtesy of MLK Library, Washingtoniana Division; Microfilm Scan Pro

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